Property Management services:

Our Property Management services cover Commercial, Industrial and Residential property, from the maintenance of buildings to the upkeep of interior finished; from rent collection to overall financial control; from leasing advice to general supervision of tenants.

Property accounting methods used by qualified Managing Agents enable the Lessor to present his Accountant with fully documented records of all income and expenditure.

Do you have the time to do a Property Manager's job?
Our Property Managers do. It is their chosen career.

Professional Advice

Our Property Managers offer their clients the extensive market experience of a highly qualified Property Management staff coupled with significant internal resources. Our goal is to create additional value for our clients through superior market knowledge and demonstrated expertise.


Our Property Managers can take responsibility for all aspects of accounting including the collection of rent, insurance premiums and service charges together with the payments of all outgoings in respect of multi-tenanted properties. In turn, we provide our clients with regular, easy to understand monthly statements of income and expenditure.

Repairs and Maintenance

Our Property Managers have the capacity to deal with all manner of repairs and maintenance together with the diagnosis of defects and the implementation of remedial works necessary. We can also provide advice on the upgrading of the building fabric, services and other facilities.

Rent reviews and Lease renewals

The impact of Landlord and Tenant Legislation and case law can often affect the quantum of rents paid under renewal or leases those which are determined on review. James & Fear, Property Managers have developed expertise to advise on the most favourable level of rent for our clients according to the prevailing market circumstances and relevant lease terms.


The James & Fear, Randwick Business is built on the premise that good service in all facets of our business is paramount. We feel confident that you will be suitably impressed by the manner in which we deal with our clients, the strength of our skills and negotiators and our willingness to provide every possible service for the smallest and largest property - residential, retail, offices or industrial.

Cost Effective and Tax Deductible

Quite apart from the fact that the managing Agent's fees are tax deductible, you will find that in terms of cost we are most competitive and cost effective.

Arms length in Dealings

Not every property investor has the time or enjoys dealing with day to day management problems and responsibilities. Property managers are able to provide anonymity of landlords and provide a carefree existence for the Landlord. Tenants need careful vetting and we ensure they are responsible to look after the landlord's property and meet their commitments regularly, and are highly prized.

Rent Collection

This involves not only the physical act of collecting and accounting for rents but the institution of checks to prevent the accumulation of arrears. Whilst rent collection is only one aspect of Property Management, it is generally on this performance that we are judged and rightly so.

Statutory Outgoings

Expenditure on property is characteristically of a recurring nature and includes statutory and other expenses. We become involved in Objections to statutory valuations upon which certain levies are based. So often objection to Valuer General's valuations are overlooked and opportunities for cost savings are lost.

Repairs and Maintenance

We become involved in decisions as to the extent to which the income of the property needs to be allocated to this item in order to provide an acceptable cost and to maintain or improve the rental income for the property and reduce the vacancy factor.

Tenancies - Trends - Advice

To maximise advantages to the Lessor means minimising outgoings and ensuring a building has the lowest vacancy factor while being occupied at optimum rent levels. For various reasons tenants may want to break their leases or to alter the terms and in arriving at the decision as to whether to agree to the request, the advice of an agent is essential as the decision may turn out to be based on commercial rather than legal judgement.

The complexity of modern problems and constantly changing conditions in the property market demand a deep knowledge and experience in all matters, from the professional Property Managers especially rent levels, rent reviews and lease agreements. James and Fear's clients obtain the advantage of the fund of statistics and knowledge that naturally is obtainable from their considerable experience in this important work.


This is a selling function and is carried out by a specialist department separate from but co-ordinated with the Property Management Department. It also involves the supervision of lease documentation.

Inspection of Property

Regular inspections are undertaken to check that the cleaning contractors and others are undertaking their duties satisfactorily and any repairs have been carried out according to instructions.

Direct Services

These may include electricity for common areas, lifts and air-conditioning, cleaning, security and care taking. Accounts are regularly inspected and compared so that action can be taken to reduce the level of any outgoing which appears to be increasing disproportionately. Tenants are requested to pay a portion of outgoings as necessary.


We advise you annually as to the insurance policies of the property that we consider appropriate.


At regular intervals reports are prepared so that owners are aware of all activities relating to their properties. Particular emphasis is given to rentals and outgoings, with comments as to how net income might be affected in the ensuing term.